Graciela Vidal

Graciela Vidal

Lecturing Fellow

Department of Romance Studies

Fellowship Year(s)
  • 2016-2017

Graciela Vidal teaches different language levels of Spanish courses at Duke. Her areas of interest include development of content activities to increase language proficiency, applied linguistics, enhancement of critical thinking skills through language learning, instructional technology, intercultural communication, service learning and community engagement. Graciela taught Spanish courses at MIT and Tufts University prior to her arrival at Duke in the year 2002. She has also translated English into Spanish written texts for over 20 years. In her years at Duke, Graciela has served as coordinator of Intermediate and Advanced courses, and has taught different content courses, such as Service Learning and Introduction to Cultural Studies. As a Bacca Fellow, Graciela hopes to add applied social context to a Spanish course, through photography and engagement with the local community. This course will create a stimulating environment through discussions and photography projects, allowing students to create a learning community that will have common goals and experiences.

Graciela Vidal's Blog Posts

Images to Inspire Undergraduates’ Civic Engagement
July 15, 2017

I had a lofty goal: to get a group of our undergraduate students to set long-term civic engagement objectives for themselves. My proposal was a new Spanish course, named Engaging with the Latino... read moreabout Images to Inspire Undergraduates Civic Engagement »

December 21, 2016

This is a Spanish language and civic engagement course that combines interviews and photography to engage with the large and diverse Latino population in Durham. In this class, students will learn... read moreabout Engaging with the local Latino community through Photography »