Matt S. Whitt

Matt S. Whitt

Lecturing Fellow

Matt S. Whitt’s work in political philosophy examines the ways that communities define themselves through acts of exclusion and marginalization. At Duke, Matt shares his scholarly interests with students in two WR101 courses: “We the People,” which focuses on the boundaries of democracy, and “Land of the Free,” which examines ideals of freedom and practices of incarceration in the United States. In addition to his other research, he is developing a pedagogy article on epistemic responsibility and self-reflective learning. Matt tweets at@MattSWhitt.

Matt S. Whitt's Blog Posts

When the Subject is Injustice
December 21, 2016

It is not easy to teach students about injustice. This can be especially true when matters of inequality, domination, and violence are everyday and present tense—not mediated through fiction, nor... read moreabout When the Subject is Injustice »