New Teaching Support for Junior Faculty

Confidential Teaching Consultations for Assistant Professors and Assistant Professors of the Practice

The Duke Language, Arts & Media Program (LAMP) is offering guidance and assistance to junior faculty during the spring 2018 semester.  who want to incorporate media into their classrooms. The programs seeks to provide faculty a "safe space" to discuss challenges with and concerns about teaching, particularly assignment design, integrating and experimenting with written work, oral presentations and critical use of media.

How to Apply

To apply, send a confidential email of interest outlining your teaching concerns and goals (include details of your spring teaching schedule) with a current CV to Director of LAMP, Kristen Neuschel (History):


Email requests for support due November 1 for spring semester 2018.

What is LAMP?

LAMP is a program focused on building strong, contemporary communication skills in our students. LAMP supports faculty with seminars, workshops and one-on-one consultations to develop course materials and in-class practices that advance three main learning objectives:

  • Research as critical evaluation across media. Includes teaching students to make informed decisions about different types of sources and the critical consumption of media, such as print, video, audio, images, live performances and social media.
  • Composing across media. Includes teaching students how to create and communicate knowledge across media, including oral presentations, alphabetic text (written essay), audio (podcast), image (photo essay), and video (digital story). LAMP encourages students to learn how to communicate within multiple media forms in order to reflect our 21st century engagements.
  • Public Engagement. Includes helping students understand and gain practice in participatory citizenship through creating and sharing knowledge with publics beyond the classroom.

Made Possible by a Generous Grant from the Bacca Foundation