Opportunities for Graduate Students

Bacca Graduate Student Fellowship

** Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency the BACCA Graduate Student Fellow application is currently suspended until Fall 2020 **

What is LAMP?

The Duke Language, Arts and Media Program (LAMP) is an undergraduate program focused on building strong, contemporary communication skills in our students.  LAMP supports undergraduate courses, faculty workshops, and programming that advance three main learning objectives:

  • Research as critical evaluation across media. Includes teaching students to make informed decisions about different types of sources and the critical consumption of media, such as print, video, audio, images, live performances and social media.
  • Composing across media. Includes teaching students how to create and communicate knowledge across media, including oral presentations, alphabetic text (written essay), audio (podcast), image (photo essay), and video (digital story). LAMP encourages students to learn how to communicate within multiple media forms in order to reflect our 21st century engagements.
  • Public Engagement. Includes helping students understand and gain practice in participatory citizenship through creating and sharing knowledge with publics beyond the classroom.

The Language Arts and Media Program is a faculty-led program that supports innovative teaching.  LAMP is expanding the Bacca Fellowship Program in the 2020-21 academic year to include PhD candidates committed to trying new methods or approaches in course instruction which are consistent with LAMP goals.  Over the course of the year-long fellowship LAMP provides support for pedagogical development, facilitates individual consultations, classroom observations, group meetings, and pedagogical workshops to allow faculty and graduate student instructors a safe space to reflect upon what works, locate what could work better, and develop a dynamic plan to achieve their desired learning outcomes for students.  PhD Candidates from across departments who will be serving as an Instructor of Record in the Fall of 2020 or the Spring of 2021 are invited to apply.  Special consideration will be given to advanced graduate students who are serving as Instructor of Record for the first time.  

Graduate student participants in the Bacca Fellows program receive a $1,500 pay supplement per semester for their participation.  Eligible candidates beyond the fifth year will also receive tuition, fees, and health insurance for the year if their department does not cover the costs.


Apply for the Bacca Graduate Fellowship through Qualtrics.


All PhD candidates who will be serving as an Instructor of Record in the 2020-21 academic year are invited to apply.

Points of Contact

Kristen Neuschel, LAMP Co-Director: kneusche@duke.edu
Max Symuleski, LAMP Co-Coordinator: max.symuleskI@duke.edu
Torang Asadi, LAMP Co-Coordinator: torang.asadi@duke.edu