Past Projects

Graduate Symposium on Innovative Pedagogy

Held March 26, 2020, this was a day of pedagogy workshops and practical, hands-on training designed by graduate students, for graduate students.

Innovating with Colleagues: Experimenting with Pedagogy Together

The Language, Arts and Media Program supports groups of 3-4 faculty (full time, any rank) within single departments or programs in Trinity College whose members each work to implement change in how they teach research, communication, or public scholarship across media in line with LAMP goals.

Hear at Duke Student Podcast

Starting in 2017, LAMP provided administrative support for a new student podcast, Hear at Duke, designed to spotlight stories that have the power to bring us together through their humanity, humor, pain, and depth. Listen to the first episode, The State of Our Union. 

What's Your Story 2016: Teachers and Mentors

If we gave you a microphone, a stage, and an audience, what would you say? Five Duke students and staff shared their personal stories about Teachers and Mentors at the second annual “What’s Your Story?” event, a live storytelling performance co-sponsored by The Monti, on April 23, 2016. 

What's Your Story 2015: Uncertainty

The LAMP Lab partnered with The Monti, a local live storytelling organization, to explore the ways personal storytelling can build community. The What’s Your Story Project included a workshop series (Elements of a Good Story, Finding Your Story, and Telling Your Story), a university-wide public story contest, and a live show featuring six undergraduate storytellers.