What is LAMP?

The Duke Language, Arts and Media Program (LAMP) is a faculty-run program that supports innovative teaching. Our mission is to build critical thinking and strong, contemporary communication skills in our students.  LAMP offers faculty workshops and other programming that advance four main strategic priorities:

  • Media Literacy
    • Promoting undergraduate research and/or analysis in such areas as misinformation, disinformation, social media, and/or social justice and media   
  • Multimedia Design 
    • Integrating opportunities for undergraduates to engage with various media forms, such as sound essays, web design, podcasts, photographic essays, digital stories, performance, social media, and dialogue 
  • Teaching with Creativity
    • Infusing play, arts, creative writing, performance, and/or presentations into pedagogy across disciplines 
  • Public Engagement with Language, Arts and Media
    • Fostering undergraduate collaborations/engagement with local or broader publics through performance art (e.g., storytelling, slam poetry) and/or designing public-facing digital or print media

Have an Idea?

Email LAMP Director, Denise Comer, Thompson Writing Program