Playful Pedagogy Testimonials

“Nan's workshops have given me new ideas and tools to create engaging and fun trainings and workshops with my students. If you also believe learning can be both playful and meaningful, Nan is a great guide to consult!” Ling Jin, International House, Duke University

“Nan’s workshops taught me valuable tips for calming my presentation nerves, and she showed me how easily I could incorporate quick, engaging activities into my own classes and workshops to help build community and consensus among attendees. I appreciated that some of her suggestions were ones I could utilize the next day without any planning. Yet Nan also had plenty of great ideas for more involved exercises that asked students to think critically and share their thoughts with each other in fun, low-stakes ways. I highly recommend Nan’s applied improv workshops!” Dr. Kerry Ossi-Lupo, Nicholas School, Duke University

Nan’s workshops and design consults leave me feeling inspired and refreshed. Her debriefings are a marvel; she has stunning insight and a huge heart. Work becomes Play and the daring feels absolutely safe. Highly recommended!” Dr. Karen Kingsolver, Physician Wellness Consultant, Duke Medical

“This workshop was soul enriching as well as pedagogically informative.” Dr. Jennifer Ahern-Dodson, Thompson Writing program and Faculty Writes, Duke University