Sample Workshop

Sample Workshops

PLAYFUL PEDAGOGY: applies improvisation, creative writing, art, movement and music to curriculums across the disciplines. Creative activities can communicate concepts, deepen intellectual inquiry, aid connection and collaboration, assess understanding, frame feedback, encourage risk-taking and promote emotional resilience.

  • Navigating Sensitive Topics
  • Inclusion/Team/Community Building
  • Improv Your Writing/Writing Assignments
  • Enlivening Remote, Hybrid, and Masked Classrooms

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION and BELONGING: brings a fresh, arts-based approach to addressing overt and subtle power dynamics, offering supportive practices that nurture sustainable growth in DEI-B.

  • Embodied Belonging
  • Writing Grief into Activism
  • Deep Listening
  • Deconstructing Status

PRESENTATION/PRESENCE: uses performance techniques to enhance oral presentations, as well as leadership/facilitation skills.

  • Energize, Focus, and Motivate
  • Oral Delivery
  • Body Narrative

RESILIENCE: employs play to refresh and recommit.

  • Applied Storytelling
  • Play With Priorities
  • Playful Pivots
  • Play to Take Away