June 14, 2018

It is fifteen minutes to showtime. My co-producer, Alex, and I look out on the audience and see a few handfuls of people scattered across a sea of empty chairs. We turn to each other and... read more about Hear at Duke »

June 14, 2018

When I arrived at Duke, my first semester of graduate school was plagued by doubt. Am I qualified for this? Is this what I want? And what’s the point of all this anyway? A major factor contributing... read more about Not Everything Works for Everyone »

Surprising Balloons
June 6, 2018

There are a host of reasons why grading can be grating: it is time consuming in a job that already demands more work than we like to acknowledge; the quality of student writing varies drastically and... read more about Reading What Isn't There »

June 5, 2018

My biggest take-away from participating this past year in the LAMP program is that, while I’ve taught at Duke  35 years, I’m still grappling with the basics of good course design!  In my case,... read more about Making Choices and Taking Risks in Designing a Seminar »

June 5, 2018

A few years ago, a Colombian professor of literature revealed the mystery of the signature of Manuel Quintín Lame. Leading an indigenous insurrection and advocating for an intercultural model of... read more about Language and Knowledge Go Together: Building an Experimental Website on Linguistic Rights »

From Paper to PCBs: Printed Circuit Boards as New Media Writing
June 2, 2018

In Fall 2017 and in collaboration with colleague Matthew Kenney, I offered a new course entitled Physical Computing, a critical media studies approach to the emerging ecosystem of internet-connected... read more about From Paper to PCBs: Printed Circuit Boards as New Media Writing »

854 Elm Street
June 2, 2018

When I was five, Dad ran down the driveway holding onto my wobbling bike. He let go, shouting words of encouragement even as I crashed onto the pavement. My elbow and knee were bleeding, but what... read more about Getting Back on the Bike »

Teach the Moment
June 1, 2018

What happens when you’re teaching a course on student protest narratives, and a protest emerges just a few yards from your classroom? In spring 2016, I taught “Student activism, storytelling and... read more about Teach the Moment »