Bacca Fellowship for Undergraduate Course Enhancement in Language, Arts and Media

NOW OPEN Call for Proposals 
Bacca Fellowship for 
Undergraduate Course Enhancement in Language, Arts and Media 

The Duke University Language, Arts, and Media Program (LAMP) is now accepting applications for the 2024-25 Bacca Fellowship for Undergraduate Course Enhancement in Language, Arts and Media.

The Bacca Fellowship aims to create an invigorating, collegial faculty learning community (FLC) where faculty from across disciplines can together reflect on their undergraduate pedagogies and develop dynamic plans to achieve their desired LAMP-related learning outcomes for undergraduates.

Bacca Fellows explore undergraduate course enhancements through new pedagogies or materials consistent with any of the following LAMP strategic priorities:

  • Media Literacy
    • Promoting undergraduate research and/or analysis in such areas as misinformation, disinformation, social media, and/or social justice and media   
  • Multimedia Design 
    • Integrating opportunities for undergraduates to engage with various media forms, such as sound essays, web design, podcasts, photographic essays, digital stories, performance, social media, and dialogue 
  • Teaching with Creativity
    • Infusing play, arts, creative writing, performance and/or presentations into pedagogy across disciplines 
  • Public Engagement with Language, Arts and Media
    • Fostering undergraduate collaborations/engagement with local or broader publics through performance art (e.g., storytelling, slam poetry) and/or designing public-facing digital or print media

The Bacca Fellowship includes a day-long introductory workshop in late August, monthly Bacca Fellow meetings during fall 2024, opportunities for individual consultations, workshops, and class visits during spring 2025, and a final group meeting at the end of spring semester where Bacca Fellows share reflections on their pedagogical projects.

Bacca Fellows receive a stipend of $1500, payable into a discretionary account in two installments (December 2024 and May 2025).

To apply: Please send a 200-300 word proposal to Michelle Gregersen, LAMP Program Coordinator,, in which you address your aims for the Bacca Fellowship, including how they relate to one or more of the LAMP strategic priorities (see above). Bacca Fellows can focus on a particular course, assignment, class activity, or undergraduate pedagogy more broadly conceived. Eligibility: Duke faculty of any rank, department, or program who teach undergraduates.

Deadline: Applications accepted through May 20, 2024.

Please visit the Language, Arts and Media Program (LAMP) website to learn more about LAMP and about previous Bacca Fellows and their projects. Questions? Contact Denise Comer, Director, LAMP (Thompson Writing Program).

  • For Faculty
  • Deadline: Summer