What's Your Story 2015: Uncertainty


The LAMP Lab partnered with The Monti, a local live storytelling organization, to explore the ways personal storytelling can build community. The What’s Your Story Project included a workshop series (Elements of a Good Story, Finding Your Story, and Telling Your Story), a university-wide public story contest, and a live show featuring six undergraduate storytellers.

Each storyteller worked one-on-one with storytelling mentor and Monti founder Jeff Polish to develop a 5 minute personal story on the theme Uncertainty. On March 24, 2015 students presented their stories in front of a live audience.

Great storytelling requires, among other things, creativity, timing, self-awareness, restraint, and access to one’s emotional self. By creating spaces for students to learn how to compose personal stories and also share their stories in a public campus forum, this project highlighted the composing and sharing of stories as both an important individual reflection exercise and a scholarly enterprise that sheds light on who we are and what we value as a community.

Rachel Hurst

Rachel Hurst: I am a 20-year old biology student from the small town of Calabash, North Carolina. I grew up with three siblings: two brothers and a sister in the home my father built. I am the second oldest of the four of us and always cherished my role as an older sister. My family and my roots are very important to me. After graduation, I plan on becoming a Physician’s Assistant and working back home in Brunswick County.

Serena Kerrigan

Serena Kerrigan: I am junior majoring in visual media studies and English. I was born and raised in New York City and started riding the subway at 13 years old. I was the voice of Alicia on the Nickelodeon show “Go Diego Go.” But then I was fired when I hit puberty because my voice got too deep. After graduation, my plan is to head to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of writing and starring in my own television show.

Ishan Thakore

Ishan Thakore: I am a senior interested in using technology for global health, and telling stories through film and writing (though this is my first crack at telling a story live). I have explored these interests through traveling abroad and writing/ shooting video for a variety of campus publications. I love running, reading good books and arguing with my twin brother. When I am not at Duke, I call suburban East Brunswick, NJ, home.